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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Notice of Open Baseball Tryouts, Black-Owned Independent Baseball League Looking for Players

Founders of ALOOO baseball league

NationwideA League of Our Own Independent Baseball League will be holding open tryouts for 2024 fall season. The season will start Labor Day weekend August 31, 2024 through October 19, 2024.

Featuring non-stop baseball 50 games in 50 days in addition to elite barnstorming all-star teams. The league is open to Local, National and International baseball players from all ethnic backgrounds, 17 years old and older (unlimited age).

Participants are welcome that have and/or have not completed their high school or college eligibility. Qualified participants include those who may have encountered academic hardship, been under recruited or may not have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of a high school or college team.

Qualified participants include those who perhaps lacked the needed exposure, but still have a burning desire to continue playing baseball. The league is looking for sincere and committed players that would be appealing to professional and/or international teams. Priority will be given to participants that possess above average baseball talent.

For tryout dates, times and locations and/or for team or league sponsorship opportunities contact (205) 264-1468 or visit the official website at ALeagueOfOurOwn247.com

For press inquiries, contact 411@alooo247.com or (205) 264-1468

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