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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Novel Invites Debate of a War on Women — Links Surreal Plot to Sexism Issue in U.S. Presidential Campaign

Bachelor Scrolls by Geronimo Redstone

Bookcover and author, Geronimo Redstone

Mount Vernon, NY — Amidst a U.S. presidential campaign in which one candidate has become the poster child for misogyny and sexism, a new novel offers a politically-charged fantasy from an award-winning commercial real estate executive. The tale is set in the near future during the first term of the first female American president. As the initial installment of a trilogy, the story describes a meeting of a group of single women from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds. So what do an African-American Marine Corps officer, a black journalist, a Latin vocalist and an Asian engineering professor have in common? They, along with several other exceptional women, are the central characters in a tale involving the formation of a sisterhood to revolt against a war on women waged by sexism and gender violence.

This urban fantasy, entitled The Bachelor Scrolls: Isis Unleashed, embraces the surreal as it also presents the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis and the ghost of a black writer who—in real life—saw his marriage dissolved because of domestic violence. The release of the novel has been timed in advance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the presidential election.

The epic is presented as an allegory of gender politics. It begins with a 10,000-word-long prologue, perhaps the longest in Western literature since The Canterbury Tales. As described by Patricia D. McDow, the former City Council Majority Leader of the fourth-largest city in New York State, “One of the defining social issues of our time, both domestically and abroad, is the threat of gender violence. The Bachelor Scrolls – Part One presents an inspiring literary vision of the empowerment of women and the eradication of sexism, misogyny and rape as means of subjugating the female will.”

According to the author, Geronimo Redstone, “In ancient Egypt, Isis was a symbol of female empowerment: I am resurrecting her legend for our modern era. Her symbolic value, ironically, is in stark contrast to the misogyny of Donald Trump and the jihadist war criminals in the Middle East who have committed atrocities against female victims and who, regrettably, have been dubbed with the acronym ISIS.”

In his debut novel, Redstone sketches a vision of a dystopian future characterized by rampant sexism unleashed by a malevolent and egotistical force. That unnamed adversary has seduced and perverted the minds of millions of American males in order to declare a “war on women.”

Geronimo Redstone is the pen name for the award-winning chairman of a national advocacy for workforce diversity in the commercial real estate industry. The book is available as an e-book on Amazon.com and the Apple iBooks store or at the author’s website at www.geronimoredstone.com.


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