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Monday, August 26, 2019

New Novel Depicts How a 10-Year Old Boy Uses His Writing Skills to Escape the Ghetto

Jacob's Ghetto by Travis Peagler

Author Travis Peagler and his bookcover

Nationwide — In his new book Jacob’s Ghetto, author Travis Peagler tells the story of a young artistic African American boy who sets his sights on winning a lucrative writing competition in hopes of escaping the ghetto he never wanted to call home.

Travis comments, “So many talented youths feel trapped and isolated in the ghettos they’re forced to call home. With violence erupting on almost on every street corner in some of the nation’s most dangerous neighborhoods, many talented kids fall victim and are forced to bow to the impending violence.” There are many bright kids that have the smarts to make it out the ghetto, without having to rely on sports as their only means of escaping; “Poor kids are just as bright as wealthy kids,” said former Vice President Joe Biden.

Though Jacob’s Ghetto is a fictional story about a young boy named Jacob, the lessons and hardships told in the story are very real. Travis believes that no kid is the product of their environment unless they choose to be and that the youth need more outlets where they can utilize and cultivate their talents. Having those outlets are crucial and could be the difference between life and death.

Travis hopes that this story will change the mindset of our young ones across the nation of all backgrounds and nationalities. From a humble beginning, Travis knows all too well what it’s like to grow up without having a lot. He credits many of his after-school meals to an after-school program called the Teen Center on the Eastside of Dayton, OH growing up in the early 80s.

Travis went on to graduate from Trotwood Madison Highschool, joining the Military and earning his bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a proud member of the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).

Visit www.TravisPeagler.com for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio. Email: TravisWriter@TravisPeagler.com

Jacob’s Ghetto can be purchased on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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