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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Meet the Black Couple From Florida Helping to Provide Affordable Housing to the Homeless

Nyasha and Ike Chimbandi with their children

Nationwide — Meet Nyasha and Ike Chimbandi, a couple from West Palm Beach, Florida that helps to provide affordable housing to underserved communities.

They decided to start their non-profit organization called We Second Chance after a personal experience about 5 years ago with a homeless man that inspired them to offer him the opportunity to stay at their empty rental unit. That’s when they realized how dire the need is for affordable housing in the country. Since then, they have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of individuals and families.

During the past 5 years, the duo has also teamed up with another organization called The Lord’s Place with the mutual goal to end the cycle of homelessness. The two nonprofits work together to provide safe and affordable housing options to locals who need it.

“This is something that’s much bigger than my husband and we love working with The Lord’s Place and their approach to ending homelessness,” Nyasha told CBS 12 News. “They recognize it’s not a one-man show.”

Moreover, reports say more individuals and families become homeless due to the rising rent prices caused by the pandemic. There are currently 30 people occupying the homes that their organization provides, and Nyasha and Ike plan to keep expanding to be able to continue being a part of the solution against homelessness.

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