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Friday, April 13, 2018

NYC Mom Indicted for Decapitating Her 7-Year Old Son with a Knife

Hanane Mouhib and her son, Abraham Cardenas

Hanane Mouhib and her son, Abraham Cardenas

Sweden, NY — Hanane Mouhib, a 36-year old former nurse, was arrested for allegedly decapitating her own 7-year old son just 10 days after being released from a hospital psych ward. On Wednesday, she was indicted for second-degree murder.

According to court documents, Mouhib stabbed Abraham Cardenas, her son, in the upper back and cut his neck, severing his head, using a large-blade kitchen knife.

“There’s absolutely no explanation for this,” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said at a news conference. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind.”

Her husband, mother-in-law, and another 10-year-old son was in an adjacent room where it happened. They were not injured.

Police responded to the family’s house after receiving three consecutive calls around 8:20 pm on April 5. Two of those reported a suicidal woman holding a knife and one saying someone has been injured.

When the police arrived, Mouhib refused to drop the knife that they even had to use a pepper spray and stun gun to subdue and arrest her.

Mouhib has been a licensed nurse practitioner specializing in mental health and worked at Rochester General Hospital for a year.

On March 5, she was taken to an area hospital after calling 911 for help with mental health problems. Three days later, she called 911 again and was confined to Rochester General Hospital’s mental health unit until March 26.

Police, however, said there were no warning signs or any indicators that happened before the incident. What happened that night seems to be “an isolated incident” considering there was no sign of a fight.

An April 11 preliminary hearing was initially scheduled but is not necessary anymore after the Monroe County grand jury indicted Mouhib relating to the brutal slaying of her son.

The jury’s decision came the same day as the funeral services for Abraham where a lot of mourners paid respects to the boy and his family.