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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Entrepreneur Launches Wellness Consulting Firm for Black Women-Led Businesses

Nyeesha D. Williams, founder of Serenity Oasis

Nationwide — Nyeesha D. Williams, a dedicated consultant with years of experience in wellness consulting, business consulting, mental health cognitive behavioral therapy is proud to announce the launch of her new firm, Serenity Oasis.

Serenity Oasis is a wellness consulting firm for Black women-led businesses specifically designed to equip today’s women professionals with the personalized strategies and tactics that they need to increase their revenue by over 200%. From inbound marketing to content strategy, Serenity Oasis works to help businesses achieve wholesome growth.

“For me, Serenity Oasis is the culmination of my life’s work. It incorporates everything that I’ve cared about for so long, and it allows me to follow my passions in a way that benefits Black women-led businesses. We provide wholesome growth, compassionate support and care, and personalized strategies and tactics that take each clients’ needs into account on an individual basis. We’re leading the way for tailored marketing strategies, increased revenue, and sustainable business success,” says Williams.
According to the Amex’s 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report, Black women represent 42% of net new women-owned business that were launched within the last year. However, in the past decade alone, Black women-led businesses have captured just .0006% of funds from available venture capitalists.

She continues, “We consider ourselves as a wellness firm – because we care about the wellness of our clients and their businesses, both mentally and financially. Each and every day, our team works to provide wholistic care and support, so that Black women-owned businesses can achieve their goals and tap into the more than $120 billion available in venture capital funding.”

Serenity Oasis is strategically positioned to provide support across the areas of inbound marketing, social media monitoring, content strategy, engagement, business media policies, and so much more. Connect with Nyeesha D. Williams and Serenity Oasis today.

For more information, visit www.serenityoasis.agency


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