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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

NYPD Black Police Officer Called N-Word More Than 50 Times, But Remains Calm!

Black female NYPD officer kept her cool despite a man shouting racial slur at her

NYPD officer kept her cool after arresting a man who continuously shouted racial slurs at her

Brooklyn, NY — An African American female NYPD officer is being commended for showing great self-control when she calmly stood her ground even as a handcuffed suspect repeatedly shouted the n-word at her. She has since been receiving praises on social media after a video of that encounter went public.

In the video shared on Facebook, the unnamed officer stood her ground and did her best to ignore the belligerent suspect, Ilya Freyman, who was arrested at a Brooklyn gas station last Wednesday.

Freyman could be heard screaming the n-word at the top of his lungs more than 50 times throughout the 1-minute video. At one point, another cop tried to intervene, but Freyman only answered with a loud “f— you!” He then went back to yelling the n-word much louder than before.

As the handcuffed suspect is screaming profanities while sitting on the ground, the officer did not flinch one bit and even successfully avoiding eye contact, as shown in the video.

Freyman was reportedly arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief after he assaulted a booth attendant at the gas station, breaking the glass. He was also charged with harassment for his racist rant.

“This man would’ve got kicked in the face,” Swagnista Keda wrote when she posted the video on Facebook last week. “Bravo (for the cop) keeping composure.” It has since garnered thousands of views last week and triggered a lot of reactions until it was removed by Facebook.

“This female officer and her colleagues exhibited extreme discipline and restraint on camera,” Ase Boogie commented. “I wonder if they gave this guy the treatment in the police car.”

The NYPD did not give any comment on the video, but Police Commissioner James O’Neill made his thoughts known in a Daily News op-ed where he wrote, “NYPD officers know how to do their jobs with expertise and commitment to the public good.”

“As officers, we have to have thick skin,” he added.

Watch the video below (warning graphic language):