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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Author Releases New Book “Black Family Chat” With 300 Thought-Provoking Questions

Odogwu Linton, author of 'Black Family Chat'

Baltimore, MD — At a moment when many are asking how together we can proceed to create productive, long-lasting improvements in our social relationships and government infrastructure, Odogwu Linton, Esq., believes his new book, Black Family Chat, can help encourage expanded, continued discussions in a fun and engaging manner.

Black Family Chat is a book consisting of 300 original micro-moment discussion questions on virtually every aspect of the Black experience in America. Some questions will place the reader in an original scenario and seek their thoughts or advice; others will simply ask for an opinion. Some questions are broad and allow for expansive answers, while others will seek answers after placing the reader in a micro-moment inspired by historic and current events. Just like everyday life, no topics are off-limits, and the discussion questions are random, without category or direction.

Black Family Chat was designed to give the reader a chance to experience a myriad of common issues, challenges, and concerns Black people face daily,” said Linton. “Just pick a page and ask a friend, family member, orally a question and, don’t forget to share your opinion too!”

The experience becomes especially enlightening when shared with others, and can be used in professional or casual settings. A reader just picks a number from 1-299, turns to the page, and answers the question posed, sharing the answer with anyone who’s chatting with you. Then, pick another number and repeat as often as desired! “After watching hundreds of people explore the many scenarios and questions in Black Family Chat, I am confident anyone who explores these micro-moments and original discussion questions will have many unforgettable experiences. The more questions a reader answers with others, the more they will learn about those who share the experience. It’s a quick and easy way to embrace the daily Black experience in America.”

Anyone can purchase Black Family Chat to initiate and sustain entertaining, informative and when desired, difficult discussions about the Black experience in America.

Black Family Chat is available today as a printed book and Kindle download on Amazon.com.

About the Author:
Mr. Odogwu Linton, Esq. is an energy regulatory attorney and former founder of a certified Black-owned small business in Baltimore, Maryland. A graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, Mr. Linton earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice and a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies. While attending Rutgers, Mr. Linton hosted an Afrocentric-themed radio talk show for four years on WRSU 88.7FM.

Be sure to get some sample questions online at BlackFamilyChat.com and on social media at #blackfamilychat.

For press inquiries, contact linton@blackfamilychat.com