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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Black Therapist That Couples Should See Before Getting Married Releases New Workbook

Olivia Baylor, Mental Health Therapist and author of Before I Do workbook

Nationwide — To offer additional benefits to couples attending premarital counseling, author Olivia Baylor has released Before “I Do”, an insightful workbook that allows people, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, or educational level, to gain the guidance that will help to build a strong foundation for marriage.

As a Mental Health Therapist and National Certified Counselor, Olivia has had an exceptional experience working with many couples from all different ethnic, cultural, and sexual backgrounds but often found a lack of inclusive resources that catered to the needs of a majority of her clientele. With an intentional approach, she created an interactive client-centered workbook that is gender-neutral, practical, and impactful for couples who want to enter a union in marriage.

Olivia is the proud owner of Life Revisions Counseling, LLC and, through her experience, has been gifted with the opportunity to strengthen the mind and spirit of couples from all walks of life. With her team of exceptional staff, she has remained committed to serving her clients and helping them find healing and empowerment in their journey.

While addressing issues that may arise in a marriage, such as relationship boundaries, future decision making, and reactions to disagreements, Before “I Do” also provides insight and information on LGBTQ+ relationships. Whether you want to receive in-person counseling before your nuptials or find it beneficial to go through the workbook alone in a psychologically safe space, this guided program will help those who want a more intimate understanding of their partner(s) before making a plague to devotion.

With a growing number of couples ensuring that they implement some form of premarital counseling, this workbook is an excellent resource to help individuals define and analyze what they need from their partners in this new chapter of life. “The ultimate goal with this book is that you realize that your marriage/unity isn’t about your wedding day, it’s about what comes after it,” says Baylor.

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