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Sunday, August 14, 2022

19-Year-Old Black Teen Makes History, Beats Over 50,000 Applicants to Win UK and Ireland Scholarships

Oluwafunmilayo Oni

Nationwide — Oluwafunmilayo Oni, a 19-year-old student from Nigeria, has won both the UK Government Chevening Scholarship and a scholarship from the government of Ireland on the same day. All in all, she outperformed over 50,000 other students.

Oni is part of the only 2% of 51,840 applicants to win the United Kingdom’s Chevening Scholarship in 2022. She also won the Irish Government Scholarship despite having a lower second-class Bachelor’s degree.

Her celebratory mood was evident in her recent LinkedIn post sharing the achievements she earned at the same time after weeks of doubting herself due to her Bachelor’s degree classification.

“For years, I doubted my ability to bag any scholarship for my Master’s degree because many scholarship granting organizations often stated clearly that they would rather a minimum of 2:1,” Oni wrote.

She recalled being denied a scholarship even though they said her leadership experience was “superb and excellent” because her 2:2 degree did not meet the academic criteria.

Still, she kept trying to apply for several scholarships, which eventually led to great results.

“This year, I was awarded the Chevening Scholarship and the Irish Aid scholarship on the same day. See God!” she said, noting that she now had to decide which one to choose.

She hopes her experience encourages people in a similar situation as her not to give up despite the difficulties. She said, “So, if you have a 2:2 like me, the journey might be slightly tougher but the world is your oyster! Apply!!!!!”