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Thursday, April 30, 2020

“On The Verge of Sex” By Terrie Lynn is Here to Give Young Ladies the Talk

Author Terrie Lynn says that when she was a teen, her appointment to get on birth control pills turned into one for a pregnancy test.

Terrie Lynn, author of On the Verge of Sex

Nationwide — On The Verge of Sex by Terrie Lynn is a book that is needed when conducting peer education groups among teenage girls and young ladies after post-secondary education. Lynn has written a self-help book that includes writing prompts, that gives a descriptive approach to premature sex, bad relationships, STDs, date rape, physical abuse, social media, teen pregnancy, and much more. Lynn’s manuscript can serve as a rite of passage for a lost Black girl trying to find her way in a world where material things are an exchange for the treasure between her legs. The pressures that await her when she hears her friend’s sexcapade stories that intensified that very thought of “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I?”

On The Verge of Sex is a guide that will serve as a precautionary measure to help young ladies to be aware of trifling behavior as well as empowering them to know their worth; and for them to see that they aren’t under any obligation to engage in any sexual activity. Sex education and Black women mentors will be the remedy that will benefit black girlhood.

A mentorship relationship between Black women and Black girls encourages them to break stereotypes and helps to create a pathway for them to be leaders in the future. Mentorship is essential; it allows young women the chance to spend time with a caring and supportive woman invested in their success. There is even more of a need for this in urban communities. Teenage pregnancy is very much prevalent in the Black community, and premature sex is at an all-time high among adolescent girls; this can lead to a high dropout rate for our girls.

Providing young women with support and education is needed to prevent these hurdles from disrupting their goals and gives them a better chance at reaching and finishing college, as well as venturing into a career. Terrie Lynn provides a depiction of her experience as a 17-year-old mom, with the feeling of shame of watching her friends graduate from high school and leaving for college. A teenage mom who gave up her virginity out of obligation as a form of gratitude. Trading in prom dresses and tiaras for bottles and diapers wasn’t on Lynn’s list; she had the notion that she was one those “it can’t happen to me girl” mentality.

“We women need to realize our worth. We are worth more than just being a baby-mamma. We are worth being a wife.” — Alisia, pregnant at 19

If you have already gone through that stage of losing your virginity and ended up as a teenage mom, Lynn states that “it’s not like you have committed the ultimate sin and burned in hell.” She provides tools to that young mother to get back on track and as well as shared stories of other women who have experienced the feeling of not being worthy of blissful happiness with thoughts like “who’s going to want me with a child.”

On The Verge of Sex: The Uncensored Truth About Teen Sex, Relationships, and Pregnancy can be purchased on Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble.


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