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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Black Business Social Media Website Poised to Disrupt a $3 Billion Dollar Industry

Black-owned store with customers

Nationwide — The O.P.O.T.X (The One Point Trillion Exchange) is taking the “Buy Black” movement by storm. OPOTX.com is the only website/directory that literally rewards its participants for patronizing other minority owned businesses. It is also the only directory that allows respective business owners to exhibit a free internet presence. It is also the only directory that affords its participants the opportunity to patronize businesses across the United States as well as internationally.

Participants can submit their business services free of charge and for a limited time, receive a gift card from the site just for submitting their listing. There are also options that provide educational and cost effective services such as web building, SEO, promotional items and advertising. Also, for a limited time, loyal professionals who are have chosen the Gold Plus option, will receive all of the services listed above as well as an anniversary gift or gift box from another participating business.

Now coined “The Black Google”, the OPOTX contains a social media component that allows its business owners to send and receive messages to other business owners as well as network with other black owned businesses and professionals. Members can also leave posts and comments about their respective businesses as well as other businesses.

African-Americans add at least $1.1 trillion dollars to the economy per year. The objective of the OPOTX is to circulate wealth and advance the African-American community by keeping the majority of the $1.1 trillion dollars on our own communities. Given the recent political climate, it is imperative that African-Americans continue to progress in rebuilding and restructuring functional communities. It is detrimental for African-Americans to work together to influence and manipulate our own environments and localities. The recent protests and elections are a reminder that African-Americans communities are effective in provoking change that ensues unity, dignity and strength. The OPOTX really gets it.

For more details and/or to join the web site, visit www.OPOTX.com


Robin Watkins