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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Atlanta Community Activist Encourages the NFL to Open up the Georgia Dome for the Super Bowl to Unite Football Fans of All Races and Cultures

— Orrin C. Hudson, founder of Be Someone, believes that sports is a powerful element that can dissolve a lot of the racial tension that exists in the United States in the post-Trump era. —

Orrin Hudson

Atlanta, GA — Atlanta’s own Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson is using the enthusiasm that is a part of his every day game plan to teach young people the game of chess and to make the right moves in their lives, to encourage the NFL to open the Georgia Dome for one last football celebration Sunday, February 5, when the Atlanta Falcons will battle the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Hudson is the founder of Be Someone, Inc., an organization that uses the game of chess to teach young people how to make the right moves in life.

“What a wonderful opportunity we have to exhibit community spirit,” said the one-time at-risk young person who turned his life around thanks to the game of chess, “and the NFL, that advertises their community support across the country, can make a statement right here, right now.” Hudson, who teaches at-risk youngsters they can be anything if they use their minds and make strategic moves in their lives, says there is a golden opportunity provided by the Super Bowl.

“We have so many differences in our country and community – racial, political, class – that constantly tear us apart,” Hudson stressed. “But sports is color blind! Did you see the Dome?,” he asks. “People of all colors and persuasions were one during that game. People were high fiving and hugging strangers. We weren’t black and white and brown…. We were all red and black. For a few hours and now a few days we are united by a team, a football team!”

Hudson continued his plea. “The NFL will generate more goodwill than they can ever imagine if they show some heart and allow our beloved Dome to open its doors one last time for football at its very best. The world will join us as we dance together in the city ‘too busy to hate.’”

The 3-time world speed chess champion believes in making opportunity and then capitalizing on it. His message to young people is simple… “Heads up, pants up, grades up,” and now, “Rise Up!”

For more details about Orrin Hudson or his Be Someone organization, visit www.BeSomeone.org

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