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Monday, July 16, 2018

Orrin Hudson Honored With the “Black, Cool and Brilliant” Award at the PowerNetworking Conference

George Fraser, Orrin Hudson and Dr. Randal Pinkett

Dr. George Fraser (left) presents Orrin Hudson (center) with the award, along with Dr. Randal Pinkett (right)

Nationwide — FraserNet, Inc. recently awarded Orrin C. Hudson, CEO of Be Someone Inc., (BeSomeone.org) as the recipient of the Black, Cool and Brilliant Award at this year’s 2018 PowerNetworking Conference (PNC). The award was presented to him by Dr. George Fraser, founder of FraserNet, and Dr. Randal Pinkett, founder of BCT Partners and a winner on NBC’s The Apprentice with Donald Trump.

The award is given each year to Black innovators, intellectuals and entrepreneurs who exemplify excellence and who have uniquely expanded the cultural and financial playing field for the Black community. The annual conference held by FraserNet is the largest such conference in the world for Black executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Hudson’s mission at BeSomeone.org has always been about children, and his focus at this year’s PNC event is no different. Hudson plans to address attendees – magnates from the Black business community — on the importance of investing in young people to guarantee economic success. Preparing the next generation of African American business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders has always been the hallmark of Hudson’s passionate charity work at Be Someone, Inc.

“We are losing too many of our youth to a culture of ‘follow,’ instead of lead. As a result, at-risk youth tend to walk with chumps instead of discovering the champ they have inside,” Hudson said.

Growing up an inner-city youth in Birmingham, Alabama, Hudson gained an inside perspective on the population he seeks to uplift. Walking his own youthful path of personal destruction with petty crime, gangs and drugs nearly drove Hudson to ruin, until a chance encounter with a compassionate teacher changed everything. James Edge used the game of chess to help Hudson rearrange his life goals, teaching critical foundational principles such as personal accountability, thinking ahead and out-thinking opponents.

Stepping up and out of the inner city, Hudson studied chess and became the first African American to win the Birmingham chess championship. He later went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force as well as an Alabama State Trooper. Upon hearing of a tragic and senseless robbery perpetrated by Black youth in New York City, Hudson decided to help — as he himself had once been helped — and founded a non-profit organization.

“In 2001, I founded Be Someone Inc., to use the game of chess as a way to teach young people how to tap the potential they hold inside,” Hudson said.

Seventeen years later, Hudson and his organization have touched more than 60,000 young people through his chess boards. Hudson teaches, “Brains Before Bullets,” and “Heads Up, Pants Up, Grades Up, Never Give Up!” in continued service to disadvantaged youth.


About FraserNet Inc.
FraserNet is a global leadership network committed to economic development through education, training and empowerment for Black people. Its focus is to train, educate and equip Black people with new skills, new thinking and new approaches for personal, professional and financial success in the 21st Century. FraserNet has a continuing-relationship business model including books, CDs, conferences, lectures, memberships, subscriptions, workshops and long-term coaching and mentoring agreements with over 91,000 global network members. For more details, visit www.frasernet.com.

About Be Someone Inc.
Be Someone Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that uses numerous tools, including chess, to promote self-esteem, responsibility and analytical thinking among children in underserved communities. Founder Orrin C. Hudson is a former small-time crook, gang member, state trooper, Air Force veteran and world-renowned chess champion. Leveraging his own fascinating and varied life experiences, Mr. Hudson steers the organization to effect positive change in underserved youth populations. Learn more about how kids can be helped, one move at a time, at www.besomeone.org


Be Someone Inc.