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Monday, October 29, 2018

‘The Outdoorsman,’ a Love Story Starring Sasheer Zamata, Premieres in Los Angeles on November 2nd, Followed by iTunes Release on November 20th

“This was nice to do a role where I was funny, but that wasn’t the point of why I was there. You get to see more range. You get to see her mad, you get to see her sad, you get to see her hopeful. It was nice to be able to explore all these different sides of this character and showcase that.” — Sasheer Zamata on her dynamic performance in “The Outdoorsman”

The Outdoorsman

Artwork for the film

Nationwide — Glasshouse Distribution and Comedy Dynamics are hosting the LA premiere of THE OUTDOORSMAN on November 2nd at the Arena Cinelounge (6464 Sunset Blvd). There is a cocktail reception at 7PM followed by the screening at 8PM. Sasheer Zamata will be in attendance at the premiere, along with Peri Gilpin and director David Haskell. For those outside of Los Angeles, the film is available on iTunes for release on November 20th.

THE OUTDOORSMAN is an irreverent and empathetic portrait of Jason and Mona, two similar people with very different goals in life. Sasheer Zamata stars as Mona, a young woman who has made it in the corporate world but is finding the grind unfulfilling. She begins a journey of self-discovery and meets Jason, a man who is all talk and no action.

Brent Morin (Undateable) and Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live) give nuanced performances as two people who are trying to live as their authentic selves in a world that demands something different from them. Jason, a seasoned writer who is hilariously unsuited (and unprepared) for his project of “living off the grid” for a year meets Mona, a high-achiever shocked by her new jobless status. Jason and Mona come together and apart trying to find meaning in their lives while struggling to define their growing love. Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, THE OUTDOORSMAN examines how an authentic connection with another person can upend a life that seems set in stone.

Comedy legends Peri Gilpin, Laura Kightlinger, and Rick Shapiro round out a stellar supporting cast. Rick Glassman (Undateable), Spencer Grammer (Rick and Morty, Greek), and Brooks Whelan (SNL) are vibrant additions to this very human romantic comedy.

For more details about the film, visit http://Theoutdoorsman.squarespace.com


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