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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Black Woman Business Owner Launches First Ever #SaveYourBottles Campaign

Blending Sustainability and Style, Koils By Nature Sets a New Standard of Beauty

Pam Booker, CEO and founder of Koils By Nature

Atlanta, GAKoils By Nature, a leading hair and skincare brand, is launching one of the first-ever refill programs in the beauty industry. Its #SaveYourBottles Campaign makes it easier for all to take a little extra care of their hair and the world at the same time. Once customers use their current supply of Koils by Nature shampoo or beard wash, they’ll be able to order their next batch in convenient refill bottles made from recyclable material.

“When I saw the statistic that over one million plastic bottles are sold every minute, it really made it click for me. This is a simple way we can do our part to make a difference and help our customers do the same,” said Pamela Booker, CEO of Koils By Nature. “Our bathrooms are stocked full of beauty products in plastic bottles, most of which we only use once. Many people want to recycle, but they don’t know how or don’t think about the little things like their shampoo bottle. By providing a refill bottle made from recyclable material, we’re making sustainability simple.”

There’s a bottle crisis in America. The challenge is twofold – with COVID-19, business owners like Booker struggle to secure the essential packaging, and on average, customers toss out enough shampoo bottles to fill almost 1,200 football fields each year. Data provided by Euromonitor in 2017 showed that the beauty industry produced over 75 billion plastic packaging units. Known as plastic pollution, people discarding their containers places the environment at risk.

Booker saw an opportunity to pivot her business during a time of supply chain uncertainty and solve a critical problem everyday Americans face.

“We’re also giving each customer $3 off. So, in addition to contributing to making the world a better place, you get to save money on your essential personal care items,” added Booker.

Koils By Nature’s #SaveYourBottles campaign is only one way the company is committed to the total wellbeing of its customers and community. Vegan-certified and animal cruelty-free, its mission has always been about providing hair and skincare products made with high-quality, plant-based ingredients.

“Our moisture-rich cleansers, conditioners, and styling products are inspired by nature, so it only makes sense for us to have a strong desire to care for the earth,” said Booker. “With everything we do, we try to always strike out on a new path. We’re always coming up with innovative solutions to serve and satisfy our customers. I believe that’s why we’ve been able to not only survive during tough times, but thrive.”

Additional details about the #SaveYourBottles campaign and product refills are available at KoilsByNature.com