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Friday, October 11, 2019

Black Woman-Owned Foundation Exposing Widespread Corruption in the State of Oklahoma

Pamela Smith, founder of the Pamela Smith Foundation, is taking her 22 year civil rights violations battle to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals exposing widespread corruption in the state of Oklahoma.

Pamela Smith, founder of the Pamela Smith Foundation

Pamela Smith, founder of the Pamela Smith Foundation

Tulsa, OK — In 1997 and 1998, Pamela Smith was repeatedly raped by an Oklahoma state agency employee and supervisor of Smith when she was a janitor at the Department of Public Safety. In April of 1998, the perpetrator of Smith’s rape, used a glass salt shaker to sexually assault Smith after Smith had reported the abuses she continued to experience to the supervisor of the employee responsible.

In 1999, Department of Public Safety investigator, Lt. George Randolph, had Smith identify the glass salt shaker that was used to sexually assault her by the state employee. In 2004, a Grand Jury was impaneled to determine whether sufficient evidence existed to bring charges against the perpetrator of Smith’s sexual assault claims. To Smith’s shock and utter dismay, the physical evidence, field file, and medical records all in the states possession at one point was missing and the Department of Public Safety then put forward a narrative that no such evidence ever existed. No criminal charges were ever filed against Smith’s assailant and Smith was unable to prove her case in a civil lawsuit.

In October of 2018, Petitioner Pamela Smith by happenstance became aware of a Tulsa County District Attorney printed form with information related to her being sexually assaulted with a glass salt shaker. In May of 2019, Smith filed a five million dollar lawsuit in federal court against multiple Oklahoma state agencies involved with destroying the physical evidence related to her rape. That lawsuit was later dismissed without providing Smith her secured rights under the U.S. Constitution to a full and fair opportunity to litigate. Smith now takes her case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, no longer begging for justice, but demanding it.


About Pamela Smith
Smith is the author of Begging For Justice, drawing national attention about her personal rape and abuse behind prison walls in the state of Oklahoma and her two decades long pursuit of justice fighting against a corrupt state officials and a prejudiced judicial process. Smith is a well-known motivational speaker for civil and inmate rights. Please visit www.beggingforjustice.org/about/about.htm for additional information about Pamela Smith.


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