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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Black Relationship Expert (Who Has Been Married 3 Times) Says in New Book That “Marriage is a Trap in Disguise”

— Author Papoo Outland challenges readers to think objectively and take pragmatic decisions and actions regarding marriage. —

Papoo Outland, author of Marriage is a Trap in Disguise

Author Papoo Outland, and his bookcover

Nationwide — Author Papoo Outland announces the official launch and availability for sale to the general public of this awesome book Marriage Is A Trap In Disguise: An Experiment in Individuality to the Tune of One’s Tolerance. The book has been tagged “life changing” by many, and is already making waves and aimed to be a best-seller. The book enlightens and throws more light on what marriage is and what it represents. It’s an eye opener to the intrigues of marriage.

In the book, there are lessons that articulate how to identify if one is trapped, how to survive the trap, and getting ready to be relieved.

Papoo’s daughter Prieska comments, “When my papa first told me that he was writing a book called Marriage Is A Trap In Disguise, I said to him, ‘Oh Lord, can I at least get married before you start deterring all men’…LOL. But it wasn’t until I picked up the book and personally read it that my mind was completely opened. It truly provoked thought, I laughed, I cried, got angry and all. Emotionally, it was a roller coaster throughout the read. This book changed my perspective on marriage; I am not even married yet… It has changed my life for the better not worse, thanks to my papa’s lessons. Your level of tolerance will determine the survival of the trap…”

Unlike other books on marriage, this book does not sell the reader gimmicks about strategies to follow that will guarantee a successful marriage, but rather it challenges readers to think objectively and take pragmatic decisions and actions.

“Some believers think that despite the reality of a failing situation, praying and fasting would change the outcome. However, one has to know when to quit; otherwise, it becomes a trap in disguise, ” Papoo says.

Papoo was born and raised in Liberia. He came to the US in 1978 and has lived in Atlanta, Georgia ever since. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and an MBA.

He blazes the scenes with his quick, witty knowledge and argumentative perspective on relationships, particularly marriage. He views marriage as a sensitive topic for many who have been married and are currently married. What distinguishes him from others, who have written on this subject, is that he challenges readers to think critically about marriage and issues associated with it, instead of accepting orthodox laid down solutions without questioning.

Marriage Is A Trap In Disguise explains how simple it is to judge each other: ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in the accuser’s eye. The book portrays Papoo’s particular interest in married couples, as he has been down the same road three times. He believes his experience and mistakes will be of help to readers.

This book is not just for the married, separated or the divorced, it’s a must have for the unmarried. A must have for everyone!

For more details and/or to order the book, visit www.marriageisatrap.com or Amazon.com


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Note to Media: Papoo Outland is available for interviews to discuss marriage, divorce, relationships, and more.


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