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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Parents File Lawsuit After 6-Year Old Boy Drowns in Community Pool; Lifeguards Blamed

Ga Ram Kang, boy drowned in community pool

Ga Ram Kang

Katy, TX — The family of 6-year old Ga Ram Kang, who died after drowning in a community pool in Texas two months ago, has filed a lawsuit against the subdivision, its developer, and one of the lifeguards on duty that day claiming that they didn’t do enough to protect her child.

“It’s hard,” said Jocelyn Kang, the boy’s mother, at a press conference announcing the lawsuit on Tuesday. “Sometimes, it’s unlivable. From the time I had Ga Ram until now, my life revolved around him. Everything I did, my thoughts, everything was for him.”

On May 5, Ga Ram drowned at the King Crossing community pool. Jocelyn claims that on that day, the pool was overcrowded, loud music was blaring, and the lifeguards weren’t in control of the crowd.

The family filed a lawsuit against the community association of King Crossing and its developer, Pulte Homes, claiming that they have failed to have and enforce a maximum occupancy rule.

They are also suing one of the lifeguards, who is a minor, for negligence for $1 million. The lawsuit states that the lifeguard was within 10 feet of Ga Ram but didn’t jump in to help the young boy. Jocelyn believes the lifeguard wasn’t trained properly.

“There was a false sense of security she had going to the pool that day,” said the family’s attorney Allena Wright. “She thought she was going to a pool that had extra safety by having lifeguards.”