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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Parents Upset After Teachers Zip-Tied Two Black Students’ Hands Behind Their Backs

Black students from Atlanta ziptied by their teachers

Atlanta, GA — Two pre-K teachers from Oak View Elementary in Atlanta have recently resigned after at least two of their 4-year old students said that they tied their hands behind their backs with zip ties, and threatened to throw spiders on them. The parents were of course shocked and highly upset.

One mother told reporters, “It just breaks my heart that I can’t send my child to school and for her to be safe, learn and get an education.”

Apparently, the teachers wanted to punish the students for insubordination, and decided to do so with zip ties. The mother continues, “That’s like being in jail in handcuffs. How can someone do this to a 4-year-old child? Every time I talk about it I get emotional.”

DeKalb school officials did eventually send a letter to parents regarding what happened about two days after the incident, and the district did initially suspend the two teachers before they decided to resign.

But the parents are not happy about their resignations because the teachers would still be allowed to go and work for other school districts.

“I want them to pay. I want them to not have a license to teach because they don’t need to teach. Who would do this? Would they like this to happen to their own kids?” the mother of one of the children said.