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Friday, August 13, 2021

Woman Who Once Saw Her Dad Point a Gun at Her Mom is Now Helping Others to Overcome Childhood Trauma

Patrice Brantley, a community licensed mental health therapist, says she watched her father tried to kill her mother when she was just 6-years old.

Patrice Brantley, author of 'Trauma and Their Cousins'

Nationwide — Patrice Brantley is an author, educator, licensed therapist, and podcaster, who is on a mission to empower others to overcome childhood trauma and heal. At a young age, Patrice Brantley experienced severe trauma through domestic violence in her home. She was just 6-years old when she witnessed her father abuse her mother.

One night, her father in a rage grabbed his gun and decided to shoot her mother. Her father aimed at her mother twice and the first time her father’s gun jammed and the second time he pulled the trigger and the gun misfired. This was an extremely traumatic experience for a 6-year old to watch and caused her to be anxious and hyper-vigilant for many years. In fact, the trauma of that night influenced Patrice’s career choices significantly.

After 16 years as a professional educator in the Broward and Miami Dade County public school systems, Patrice decided to do something to help others. As she got to know other kids and families over the years, she came to understand how significant her childhood trauma was.

She was exposed to healthy family dynamics, and she began to understand that her trauma was not a textbook case. She volunteered with the I Am Ministries of Miami Dade and Broward County and eventually decided to become a licensed therapist and podcaster, and has now touched the lives of millions by helping them to heal from their childhood trauma.

Now she is also the author of an audiobook and workbook titled Trauma and Their Cousins that breaks down the following three keys to healing from childhood trauma:

1. Be honest that you have been hurt
2. Seek out the proper help
3. Follow through and walk through the process and know that you’re working.

These three steps empower the person seeking healing from childhood trauma to do so. Patrice wants people to understand that “it doesn’t make you weak to seek help to heal.” Her motto is: “Be inspired to be yourself and be inspired to empower someone else.” And for this reason, she passionately serves as a teacher and community licensed Mental Health Therapist.

Born in Miami, Florida, and committed to helping others, she wants to share her journey to empower and influence the world to heal from childhood trauma. She is empowering millions through her podcast, workbook, and audiobook. Her book Trauma and Their Cousins is available for purchase online at PatriceBrantley.com

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