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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Black Author Addresses Racial Differences and Immigration Issues to Bring Unity and Healing

Prolific essayist Patrice Gopo to release debut book, ‘All The Colors We Will See,’ on August 7 through W Publishing Group

Bookcover and author, Patrice Gopo

Bookcover and author, Patrice Gopo

Nashville, TN — In today’s current climate now more than ever our differences are on display and for African Americans, it remains a constant struggle to formulate and find positive images. Patrice Gopo offers her first book, All The Colors We Will See, as a way for readers to understand our differences and ways to connect.

Through personal stories, shared memories and honest experiences Gopo provides a deep look into the search for identity and belonging. In All The Colors We Will See, she delves into our current state that is grappling with the realities of racial injustices, an explosion of immigration issues and invites readers to join her as she searches for where SHE fits in against the backdrop of her faith in God, and encourages others to find what truly unites us.

Patrice Gopo spent her formative years in Anchorage, Alaska, growing up as a black American, but her Jamaican parents had little experience in what it means to be black in America. Feelings of being different are occasional twinges for some, but for Patrice, this was the reality of her everyday life. While dealing with the mixture of identities that swirled around her and formed her journey, she examines the complexities of identity formation in our modern world where cultures intersect and overlap as she weaves together rich details and thoughtful commentary to create a layered collection of essays.

This poignant, poetic and often-time courageous collection of personal essays, All the Colors We Will See (ISBN: 9780785216483) published by W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson will be available in bookstores and online on August 7.


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