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Monday, August 1, 2022

Meet the Black Woman Entrepreneur Who Quit a $40K Corporate Job and Made $100K in Less Than 6 Months

Patrice Stewart

Nationwide — Patrice Stewart is an experienced professional with over 18 years in the accounting, banking, and tax industries. In 2008, while still working a corporate job, she started a tax & business consulting firm called P Stewart & Associates Inc., a boutique-style consulting firm specializing in Tax Preparation, Business Planning & Strategy, and Business Coaching. In 2013, after being laid off, she decided to step out on faith and ditch climbing the corporate ladder for full-time entrepreneurship.

“When I left corporate America, I was making 40K annually. I was let go in March 2013, and by December 2013, I had made $98,733. I gave myself a 60K pay raise in less than 6 months after being fired in 2013,” she remembers.

Patrice has now decided to teach, educate, inspire, and motivate other people to leave their comfort zone and work on achieving their dream life. She organizes regular training programs, webinars, and coaching sessions to share her knowledge and experience. Her advice and guidance have helped thousands define their dreams and reach their business goals.

“I teach business owners how to leverage the tax laws and loopholes established for businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money in their business. I share tips and strategies used by the wealthy to preserve their wealth,” explains Patrice. “My passion is coaching and empowering employees to become entrepreneurs, which is why I created ‘THE LAB – Life and Business with Patrice’. It is a group mentoring and coaching membership program for entrepreneurs struggling with both life and business.”

THE LAB – Life and Business with Patrice’ is designed to help members tackle the obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Some of the topics discussed in the program include Life Skills, Finances, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

“Life as an entrepreneur is usually a roller coaster with lots of unpredictability and uncertainty. During the struggling phase, it may not be easy to see a clear path to success. But it’s crucial to let your vision, experience and wisdom guide you, and not your current circumstances. You must embrace the challenges because that’s what motivates you to keep moving towards your goal,” adds Patrice. “Everyone isn’t meant to be an Entrepreneur. But we can all learn the basics of managing our money, finances, investment, passive income streams and so much more that can be handy as we go about managing our life and business.”

Patrice Stewart is a successful entrepreneur and coach and runs her own business. She mentors and trains motivated business owners, consultants, and employees to achieve success in their lives, businesses, and careers. She runs a results-driven coaching program backed by hundreds of testimonials by clients who achieved their goals after joining her program. To learn more, visit

For press inquiries, contact info@thetaxcredacademy.com or 773-253-8668.