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Monday, December 15, 2014

Maverick Mom Releases New Book Revealing Strategies for Raising Thugless Sons

Raising Black Boys To Men By Patricia Joseph


Nationwide — Patricia Joseph’s new book, Raising Black Boys to Men: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Thugless Sons was written to share a mother’s successes, trials, and errors, in raising her three boys, in a society that glorifies thug-life.

Across America, in some city, some neighborhood, some home, a mother is crying over the loss of a son! A son lost, to yet, another senseless crime, or a penal institution. Joseph refused to be one of those mothers!

Raising Black Boys to Men: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Thugless Sons is a candid book of one mother’s journey, while raising her three sons. Author, Patricia Joseph, who successfully navigated the lives of her three sons, through the ever so present negative influences in society, felt compelled to write about her experiences, trials, and errors, on raising thugless sons. Patricia credits much of her success to just “good, ole-fashion child rearing.”

In her book, Patricia provides simple anecdotes and tips, to help mothers faced with the challenges of raising Black boys. Patricia cleverly sprinkles humor throughout the book and provides laughter to the role of parenting. The book is a short, quick-read, which can be read in a few hours. At the end of each chapter, Patricia provides “Mom Tips,” which are little nuggets of information, for moms to reference long after reading the book.

“Patricia Joseph’s motivational self-help guide to parenting, Raising Black Boys to Men: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Thugless Sons, comes at a crucially important time in our culture. Young Black men are far more likely to be harassed by those in authority and blamed for crimes, whether they are at fault or not.” “She takes from the 28 years of experience that she has gained from raising her own sons and uses the triumphs and failures from her own journey to deliver priceless lessons on how to raise black boys into responsible men. I especially loved how she wrote her book; reading it felt like reading one mother’s letters to another mother. The fact that she included her personal story made the book more intimate and hence a more endearing read for all mothers,” said recent book reviewers.

All readers will enjoy the heart-felt emotion of Patricia’s call-to-action: “Save Our Sons.” Also, readers will come to understand the unique challenges African-American mothers’ face, with raising their boys. Patricia takes no prisoners, when she writes about the incarceration rates, and illiteracy of young, Black men. At the end of the book, Patricia provides readers with a list of “Recommended Reading,” as a supplement to further their knowledge and increase awareness.

About the Author
Patricia Joseph is a wife, mother, writer, and web communications specialist. Learn more about Raising Black Boys to Men at http://my.bookbaby.com/book/raisingblackboystomen, and visit Patricia’s blog to share your comments and view her insights: http://raisingblackboystomen.wordpress.com.

Patricia Joseph
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