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Friday, October 23, 2020

From Welfare and Food Stamps to Becoming the First of 21 Children to Graduate College

Paul Lamar Hunter

Nationwide — Paul Lamar Hunter, author of No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child, is the 19th of 21 children. His book is an inspirational story about personal triumph and overcoming and beating all the odds. Since his birth, his life has been one obstacle after another. In fact, one person compared his trials to running a marathon on tedious terrain. Though adversity has changed the trajectory of his life, his touching story has been the source of inspiration for countless others all around the world.

Paul’s iconic mother, the late great Louise Hunter, was dubbed Racine Wisconsin’s “Mother Theresa” for her charitable contributions to the city. She was the matriarch of 21 children, 63 grandchildren, and 87 great-grandchildren. In the midst of this extraordinarily large family, and all of the stressful dynamics associated with a clan of this size, amazingly, Paul was the first in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree, have a successful book on the market, and to become a motivational speaker. Therefore, with all that Paul has been through in life, he really does have something to say.

Even though his parents worked, they had to improvise to survive. They were poor and received food stamps from the government. In this big family, they ate a lot of beans, cornbread, and ramen noodles, and everybody in the neighborhood knew it. The family relied on secondhand clothes and at times they had to sleep on the couch or the floor. They also received groceries from a local food pantry, and they used the oven to heat the house because the gas was disconnected on multiple occasions. These indignities left their marks and taught them to be extremely humble, honest, and to never make fun of people who are struggling in this world.

The challenges of poverty became much more extreme when Paul’s brother died in a fire that destroyed the family home. A year later, Paul’s father was killed in a car accident. Times were extremely hard, and Paul’s mom spent most of her time at the homeless shelter she operated, trying to keep food on the table. The older children helped take care of the younger children, preparing meals, caring for the home, and helping with homework. The family survived, adapted, and overcame!

The first success for Paul Lamar Hunter was at the age of sixteen years old when he received his Driver’s License. Then, a couple of years later, he graduated high school in 1990 from Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin. Paul stated, “My high school education was not a challenge for me because I did not work hard. I just did enough to get by.” After a couple of years out of high school and working at many jobs, he decided to attend Gateway Technical College. He studied Supervisory Management and graduated in 2005, with an Associate of Applied Science degree. He was delighted, but he knew that he wanted more, so he worked for Chrysler Engine Plant until 2010 when it closed and moved operations to Mexico.

Paul decided to attend Upper Iowa University in 2010 and became the 1st of 21 siblings to graduate college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 2012. He indicated, “I did it with discipline, vision, commitment, focus, motivation, and a can-do attitude.” Now, he is the first author in the Hunter family, with his book No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child (available on Amazon). The book was written to complement the book about his mother: Love and Charity – The Life and Story of Louise Hunter and The Love and Charity Homeless Shelter, written by Dennis James Woods. These two books are now available at bookstores and have been adapted into a screenplay.

Paul has a niche for Public Relations and has appeared on Face the Truth with Vivica A. Fox, Fox and Friends, and The Tom Joyner Show. Mr. Hunter also enjoys motivational speaking and has shared his inspirational story with youth in schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other public venues. His primary message is to remind others that they are capable of great things, and to never give up no matter what!

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