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Friday, September 20, 2019

Texas Man Tried to Divorce His Wife Without Telling Her

Paul Nixon, man who divorced his wife without telling her

Paul Nixon

Houston, TX — Paul Nixon, a 51-year old man from Texas, attempted to divorce his wife without informing her about it by allegedly forging the signature of his wife and a notary. Now, he is wanted by police officers after his fraudulent paperwork was discovered.

Nixon is facing charges of third-degree felony aggravated forgery charge after police confirmed his crime. Nixon’s wife called the police back in May when she found out a Harris County judge had finalized her own divorce even though she did not know anything about it.

Nixon allegedly forged the signature of his wife as well as the notary which is required to complete the divorce process to make it appear that his wife consented their divorce.

According to court records, Nixon filed the divorce on February 15 and the judge signed an order in the proceeding in April.

On May 14, Nixon’s wife called the police which immediately filed a motion to vacate the order. Nixon didn’t succeed in trying to dissolve his marriage as their marriage was reinstated afterward.

Moreover, neither Nixon nor his wife appears to have filed a divorce proceeding, court records show.

Nixon could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison if convicted. He is currently wanted for arrest.