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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Black Entrepreneur Launches Unique New Discount Online Shopping Outlet

Paulinus Obika, founder of PBB-BestBuy.com

Paulinus Obika, founder of PBB-BestBuy.com

Nationwide — After the untimely death of his mother, from cancer in 2004, Paulinus Obika became saddled with the fact that something had to be done as a promise to her. He then sought for a way of raising funds to promote cancer research and also help cancer survivors. He decided that it would make sense to launch PBB-BestBuy.com, a “Great Discount Online Shopping” business . This would also help to raise money for his purpose while also helping minority youth achieve their goals.

The web site has since become a way for ordinary people, families and even students to make extra money. He created an avenue to let people register on the website, create accounts, sell the product and get paid while letting PBB-BestBuy.com handle the product shipping. While this is new, this will empower people to financial freedom as well as being entrepreneurially hungry.

It is Obika’s aim to celebrate the power of starting a business without the backing of Wall Street or big banks. Coming from the minority population and having to always be okay with the status quos was a major motivator as well as other reasons for Obika to bring his vision to life.

Obika says he is as passionate as he is hard working, with the suffering of his people at heart he seeks to constantly be empowered through this medium to extend all possible aids and support to people that need them. This led to the establishment of the birth of pbbbestbuy in the spring of 2010, in Lowell MA. PBB-BestBuy, in simple terms, is an outlet that brings luxurious products to the reach of everyone including the minority population at an affordable price. Obika has also successfully run businesses in Germany. Obika has studied archeology and history at UNN as well as received a management certificate while studying at Harzar Academy in Dulmen Germany, and he is currently pursuing a BS in criminal justice at Argosy University.

Obika decided when he started he was going to put all his heart and effort into this business and was able to stay strong and focused because the enjoyment of his work. He started gaining work experience at the age of 10yrs old, where he helped his parents in a multiple business carrier. While in Germany his passion led to the opening of Al and Obika group which also was very successful, unfortunately family reasons led to Obika having to leave that behind.

For more details about his online venture, visit www.pbb-bestbuy.com


Paulinus Obika