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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Author Peter Jones Releases New Book, “Out of the Crutches of Poverty”

— Helps readers of all professions attain their goal in life —

Out of the Crutches of Poverty By Peter Jones

Bookcover and author, Peter Jones

Las Vegas, NV — Author Peter Jones from Demopolis, Alabama has worked his way from the bottom to the top of his career despite coming from humble beginnings. This experience has inspired him to write Out of the Crutches of Poverty: Climbing Up the Ladder to Success (published by Xlibris), a book solely created to help other people achieve their true potential.

Out of the Crutches of Poverty is a book specifically written to help people climb up the ladder to success and to succeed against the odds. By following the steps outlined in the book, a person can take this information and brand themselves in their workforce and become a productive citizen no matter what stage of life they are in. The formula Jones uses throughout the book is a catalyst to help anyone get a jump start at any point in their career.

It also shows that society today suffers from an unstable work force made up of many people from different professions. This book will help the person just beginning out in life to the advanced career professional. It is an excellent resource in a bad economy and a good economy because it is career oriented and focuses on becoming indispensable.

Book Details:
Out of the Crutches of Poverty
By Peter Jones
Hardcover ISBN 9781514403495
Softcover ISBN 9781514403488
E-Book ISBN 9781514403471
Available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble


About the Author:
Peter Jones is a retired career technical educator for the State of California, department of corrections. He is a licensed real estate broker in California and Georgia. He is the CEO of PK&G Group LLC a real estate consulting firm. He also holds a teaching credential to teach real estate in any public school or college in the State of California. He received his teaching credential from UCLA under the Ryan Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential Program.


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