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Friday, March 28, 2014

PHEN Kicks Off the 2014 Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer

— “Black America’s largest prostate cancer education and awareness event” —

PHEN Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer

Nationwide — The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) expects to exceed last year’s reach of 1 million persons during the “Sixth Annual Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer” Sunday, June 15 held in partnership with churches nationwide. This is the largest and most visible prostate cancer education and awareness effort with a focus on Black America.

The Rally is held during the churches’ regular worship services where church leaders recognize prostate cancer survivors and family members who have lost loved ones to the disease and call them forward to join hands in prayer for healing and support. PHEN provides educational materials to distribute to the congregations of each church and continues providing online educational support beyond Father’s Day.

“The Annual Father’s Day Rally has proven to be a highly effective outreach initiative for African American families who are the ones suffering most from prostate cancer. We are committed to maximizing our reach and having an impact on saving lives and reducing suffering through this Rally,” says PHEN founder and President Thomas A. Farrington.

The Father’s Day Rally breaks the silence amongst men and families who suffer or have suffered from the disease and opens the eyes of those who have no knowledge of the disease’s devastating impact in the black community.

Last year’s rally had a lasting impact at New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Washington DC where prostate cancer survivors formed small groups after the church asked for prostate cancer survivors to stand during the rally, said Rev. Christopher Starghill, pastor of fellowship.

“As we went through the three [church] services, tears began to blow our minds because we just didn’t know [the disease’s impact] and men began to form connections,” Starghill said. “I was excited to have PHEN present in our worship service.”

Black men die at a rate 2.5 times higher than men of all other ethnic and racial groups in the United States. This disparity led the US Senate, in July 2012, to pass a resolution recognizing prostate cancer to be of epidemic proportions among African American men.

All churches nationwide are invited to partner with PHEN in the fight against prostate cancer by participating in the “Sixth Annual Father’s Day Rally.” There is no charge for churches to participate. Church registration is now open here: www.prostatehealthed.org/churchregister2014.

Prostate cancer survivors play a crucial role in the success of the Rally by mobilizing their churches and communities around the Father’s Day effort. PHEN is appealing to all prostate cancer survivors and their family members to join and help lead the Rally. Survivors are invited to join the PHEN Survivor Network here: www.prostatehealthed.org/phen_registration.php

About PHEN
PHEN was founded in 2003 by Thomas A. Farrington, a prostate cancer survivor and author, with a mission to eliminate the African American prostate cancer disparity. PHEN’s ongoing initiatives include: Monthly support group meetings and webcasts; the “Annual African American prostate Cancer Disparity Summit” in Washington, DC; the “Annual Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer” in partnership with churches nationwide; Monthly E-newsletters on prostate cancer treatments and Clinical Trials, and a PHEN online Educational Television Series.

Cristina Hernandez-Persia

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