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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Man Charged With Murder After His Dogs Mauled a 9-Year Old Girl to Death

Pierre Cleveland

Pierre Cleveland

Detroit, MI — Pierre Cleveland, the owner of three pit bulls who fatally mauled 9-year old Emma Hernandez, is facing several charges including murder in connection to the attack that killed the young girl.

Cleveland has reportedly been charged with second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and having dangerous animal causing death. He is being held on a $2 million bond.

According to reports, Cleveland’s dogs attacked the girl on a Monday afternoon as she was riding her bike near her home. Emma was taken to the hospital, but later died due to the injuries.

The prosecutors claimed Cleveland, who was out to a store when the attack happened, was aware that his dogs were aggressive but he didn’t do anything to restrain them. Investigators also found that his yard’s fence was “damaged and not secure” and the garage side door that led to the alley was left open.

“It is horrible to imagine what Emma went through as she was being mauled to death by vicious dogs allegedly owned by the defendant,” Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Moreover, Emma’s father apparently confronted Cleveland about fencing the dogs as it has already escaped and killed some puppies weeks before the attack on Emma.

The neighbors who witnessed the attack tried to stop the dogs and threw bricks at them, another even shot at them. The dogs are currently with Detroit Animal Care and Control and will most likely be euthanized.

GoFundMe page has been launched to help Emma’s family with the funeral costs and other expenses. It has so far raised over $64,000.