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Monday, May 11, 2015

Police Discover 8-Year-Old Boy Inside Luggage Going Through X-Ray Machine at Border Crossing

Boy Hidden Inside Luggage

Nationwide — A small 8-year old boy was found recently inside the luggage of a 19-year old woman’s bag as she crossed the border into Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the north coast of Morocco in North Africa.

As the luggage was going through the X-ray machine, police noticed a strange silhouette inside the bag. Immediately realizing it was a human, they opened the luggage to find the boy who was still alive but in poor health. The woman was arrested immediately, and her husband was also later arrested.

The family, who were from the Ivory Coast, were trying to illegally migrate to the Canary Islands. “I just wanted to bring him to the Canary Islands with me,” the boy’s father told a local TV station.

But according to a civil guard police, the boy was in “in a terrible state.” After receiving medical attention, he was turned over to the juvenile prosecutor’s office.

Border control officials say they have discovered and confiscated tons of dangerous and illegal items in luggage, but they rarely are confronted with a live human being inside luggage. It did, however, happen again this past March when a man tried to smuggle his wife in his luggage. She had reportedly been inside the luggage for up to 2 days.