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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Police Find Missing Grandfather Dismembered Next Door in his Neighbor’s Home

Robert Page

77-year old Robert Page

Clayton County, GA — Robert Page, a 77-year old “well-respected” grandfather from Georgia, was found dead by the police in his neighbor’s home a day after he was reported missing. The suspect, Christian Ponce-Martinez, allegedly dismembered the remains and hid it under a tarp and inside a cooler.

On November 8th, the local police received a report from Lulu Page that her husband, Robert Page, was missing when she came home from work and he wasn’t there. Police investigated and saw using a neighbor’s surveillance video that a man entered Page’s property.

Maj. Craig Hammer with the Clayton County Police Department said the officers found the offender, identified as Christian Ponce-Martinez, in the house next door while “hiding under a couch, acting very nervous and suspicious.” Police said they then followed a trail of blood and found Page’s dismembered remains hidden under a tarp and inside a cooler.

The investigators have not determined a motive yet and they believe the two did not know each other too. Ponce-Martinez is from Mexico and he has been renting the room next door since just three months ago. Federal investigators are looking if he entered the U.S. legally.

Page had been married to his wife Lulu Page for 50 years and he leaves behind two children and two grandchildren.

“He’s irreplaceable. The personality he had was priceless. Nobody will ever be able to top him,” his grandson, Bobby Austin, told WSB-TV. “Even if you weren’t related to him, if he saw that you were a younger nice person, he would say, ‘You’re my grandson or granddaughter’ or ‘You’re my son or daughter,’ something like that. He was a very (embracing) person … and to go in such a tragic way, it just hit us all really hard at the moment.”

Their neighbors agree Page is a good man and they were shocked it happened.

“He was a great guy. He helped me build my driveway and all. We talked every day and he helped me build my fence and my gate and all, and we were just friends,” one neighbor said. “I don’t have any words for it. It was just crazy to know something that outrageous could happen right next door.”

Ponce-Martinez has been charged with malice murder and is currently being held at the Clayton County jail without bail. He was also charged with obstruction for his alleged combative behavior at the police department.

Watch the local news coverage below:

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