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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Popular Herbal Product Used By African Americans With Erectile Dysfunction Subsidizes Cost For Senior Citizens

Black Senior Couple

Nationwide — Alpha RX Plus LLC announced today that due to the recent interest of African American males 62+ in their all-natural product to defeat erectile dysfunction, the company has rolled back prices to make their product even more affordable.

J.R. Scroggins, founder of the 2 1/2 year-old company based in San Diego, Calif., says that senior customers from age 62 to 82 have been reporting Alpha RX Plus works as good or better than Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to improve their erectile function. They also like that the product is made of all natural herbs, and has no reported side effects.

Scroggins also mentioned customers honestly send feedback stating Alpha RX Plus makes them feel as if they’re back to their teen years sexually. And because Alpha RX Plus is not a medicine, it has to be listed in the class of dietary supplements.

Scroggins went on to say that the words from customers about the product are truly customer unsolicited feedback, and because the product is an all natural dietary supplement, many of the quotes from customers can be mentioned, but can not be said outright by the company about the product.

Alpha RX Plus has a senior page on their site www.alpharxplus.com which is password protected, and given to seniors 62 and above upon request by email- seniorrequest@alpharxplus.com. Seniors then need to send proof of age to receive password information which will give them a substantial discount when purchasing.

Scroggins said the reason for this discount is many of the seniors who want to purchase or would like to purchase a second time, live on social security benefits, or have fixed and low incomes.

To be fair to men below 62, the company has rolled back prices over all on their products

“As part of the company’s mission,” Scroggins says, “We want to assist men with a natural product for erectile dysfunction, but also want to help as many men as possible to stay away from future heart disease. Men with even mild erectile dysfunction, but no known heart problems face a major extra risk of developing cardiovascular conditions in the future.”

As erectile dysfunction becomes more pronounced, signs of hidden heart disease, and earlier death risk grows, according to Dr. Emily Banks, a professor of epidemiology at the Australian National University’s National Center for Epidemiology and Population Health.

Scroggins admits he is not a doctor, but keeps up with the latest research.

For more information and/or to place an order visit www.alpharxplus.com


J.R. Scroggins