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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Popular Herbal Product Used By African Americans With Erectile Dysfunction Is Once Again Available Nationwide

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Nationwide — Alpha RX Plus, the popular herbal formula to defeat erectile dysfunction, has returned and is now available again for African American males. This product is a popular choice because it has shown no side effects (unlike PD5 inhibitors), is budget-friendly, and is owned and distributed by and African American family business.

JR Scroggins founder of the company, which launched in 2012, sold his company Alpha RX Plus LLC. in 2017. Scroggins has since founded a new company, Live Natural, with his family, and decided to offer Alpha RX Plus to the market again.

JR mentioned that just as he decided to go into business in 2012, because he could not find anything on the market, over the counter which worked as advertised to assist his erectile functioning, he discovered the same issue this year in 2018. The last product he tried at his local pharmacy labeled “Doctor Developed”, was reasonably priced, but did not work, and caused unusual early morning lite bleeding from the mouth. This fortunate event, in addition to some customers emailing and asking for Alpha RX Plus, forced JR to create another company, Live Natural, and to once again offer the product made of 7 all natural herbs.

JR comments, “The prices will remain as they were in 2017 because many of our customers are 62+ and are on fixed budgets. PD5 inhibitors can cost 10 times as much, cause a host of side effects, and force too much blood – something customers won’t experience that with Alpha RX Plus.”

For more information and/or to place an order, visit www.live-natural-7.com


JR Scroggins