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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Pretti Emage Shares Their Single Hit Release Dedicated (Music For Mell) During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pretti Emage

Nationwide — Pretti Emage, pronounced Pretty Image, is Florida’s hottest young female hip-hop and R&B multi talent sensation. Since forming the group back in 2016 in their hometown of Clearwater Florida (aka Wick City), a small city in the Tampa Bay area, Pretti Emage has put on many spectacular performances throughout the South and have a huge fan base and following. 

Group members are sisters Jaleesah “Mizz Attitude” Riley and Zayah “Baby Girl” Riley. Their music, which is a blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, started a major buzz in 2016 all over social media platforms and even featured on music blogs, online magazines, internet and terrestrial radio stations worldwide.

Pretti Emage has written several songs to-date, but during the month of October one always rises to the top which is a Dedicated (Music for Mell) song (Watch the video on YouTube) which was written and performed by the American Hip-hop and R&B duo girl group “Pretti Emage”.

This song is a special tribute for breast cancer awareness and dedicated memory of the deceased mother of one of members of the group whose mother passed away back in 2016 from breast cancer. Since the song and music video gained popularity back in 2017, it has helped spread breast cancer awareness through music and memory.

More information about these fascinating young ladies can be found at the following links:

ARTIST: Pretti Emage
GENRE: Hip-Hop and R&B
LOCATION: Clearwater, Florida USA
SONGS: Dedicated (Music for Mell)





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