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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prince: “Record Companies Are Like Slavery… But I Like What Jay-Z is Doing!”


Nationwide — Prince has announced that his new album, HitNRun, will be released on September 7th, but only on TIDAL – Jay-Z’s subscription-based music streaming service which reportedly provides more royalties for artists than other streaming services. At a recent album listening party, he urged the crowd to also support the Tidal platform.

He told reporters: “Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word — slavery. I would tell any young artist… don’t sign.” He went on to say that record company contracts don’t give artists enough freedom on how their music will be used, especially with it comes to third-party streaming services.

He also said, “After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay Z and the team he has assembled at TIDAL recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put into their craft to achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry. Secondly, TIDAL has honored us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows us to continue making art in the fashion we’ve grown accustomed to and we’re extremely grateful for their generous support.”

He added, “And lastly, in the tech-savvy, real-time world we all live in todayday, everything is faster. From its conception and that one & only meeting, HITNRUN took about 90 days to prepare its release. If that’s what freedom feels like, HITNRUN is what it sounds like.”

TIDAL is an innovative platform to experience and discover music from artists around the world, enjoy access to exclusive and curated content, and connect and share with artists. TIDAL is available in more than 44 countries with a 30 million song catalog, and more than 75,000 high quality videos. The service offers high-fidelity CD sound quality, high quality video, expertly curated content and unique experiences. For more details, visit www.TIDAL.com

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