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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Black Non-Profit Organization Alleges Systemic Financial Discrimination by PNC Bank

PNC Bank

Nationwide — In a shocking turn of events, questions arise about potential systemic financial discrimination within the banking sector as Prodigal Sons and Daughters (PSD), a longstanding black non-profit organization, alleges that PNC Bank has denied them crucial funding. The incident has drawn attention to the broader issue of fairness and equity in financial services.

Prodigal Sons and Daughters (PSD), a community-focused non-profit with a track record of over 25 years of service to minority communities, is facing an unexpected hurdle.

After an eight-month wait, PSD finally received an Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) refund of $488,000. This funding was earmarked for supporting community initiatives such as food banks and youth programs in New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia. However, PNC Bank has put the funds on hold, citing the need to investigate PSD’s legal status.

The delay and potential freeze of funds have caused significant disruptions to PSD’s operations, affecting numerous individuals who rely on their services. The timing and nature of PNC Bank’s actions have raised eyebrows, prompting concerns about whether this incident is an isolated procedural matter or indicative of a larger pattern of systemic bias against minority entities.

“PSD’s commitment to our communities has been unwavering for decades,” said Dennis Porter, Founder of Prodigal Sons and Daughters. “We find it deeply disheartening that our access to funds vital to our mission has been impeded in such a manner. This incident raises serious questions about the treatment of Black and minority organizations in the financial landscape.”

While PNC Bank has not officially commented on the incident, advocates and supporters of PSD are rallying to shed light on the situation. Historically, financial discrimination against black and minority entities has left a lasting impact, and incidents like these fuel concerns that such biases may still be prevalent in the modern financial sector.

In response, the public is being urged to engage with the issue and demand transparency and fairness from financial institutions. The Prodigal Sons and Daughters case serves as a stark reminder that non-profit organizations working to uplift communities deserve equitable treatment, free from unnecessary obstacles.

For over 25 years, Prodigal Sons and Daughters (PSD) has played a pivotal role in community support, offering an array of services including mental health advocacy, substance abuse treatment, prison reform, life skills training, and essential youth programs. To learn more about PSD’s mission and work, visit PSDHub.org

For media inquiries, please contact Sherry Porter at 862-621-7712/ sherry@prodigalsite.org