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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Black-Owned Radio App With Over 2 Million Downloads Debuts It’s First Sports Podcast

The Profanity Nation sports podcast hosted by Money Mike, Stat Pat, and Simsta is now available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio Podcast, Bshani Radio  – one of the largest, most downloaded Black-owned podcast network apps in the world.

Hosts of the ProFANity Nation Sports podcast

Nationwide — Three season ticket holders for both the NBA and NBAʼs G-League have joined forces to launch The Profanity Nation. The Profanity Nation is a sports podcast for professional fans that are passionate about both the professional athletes of the NBA and G-League. Money Mike, Stat Pat, and Simsta are the hosts of The Profanity Nation sports podcast that can be heard on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio Podcast, Spreaker, Bshani Radio App, and all major podcast distribution channels.

The Profanity Nation was launched in October 2019 and has grown to over 800,000 listeners monthly. The podcast is gearing up to follow the launch of the G-Leagues new Select Team for players coming directly from high school and has sponsorship and advertising opportunities available.

G-League Season ticket holders Money Mike and Simsta met at a Southbay Lakers meet-and-greet and hit it off immediately. They shared their love for everything Lakers. Then they decided to turn that mutual love into a platform where professional fans can connect and chop it up about sports on a very interactive platform. In addition, The Profanity Nation decided to put its focus on G-League players because they love to follow the growth of players.

Listeners can call The Profanity Nation today and express your thoughts about the NBA and the G-League by calling: 877-311-FANS. Since the inception of this podcast, they have reached over 800,000 sports fans a month, given away hundreds of profanity nation t-shirts, interviewed Daniel Artest, and shared hosting duties. Guest hosts include Michael Andrande, Shereen Rayan of In the Front Row Sports Podcast, Clipper Darrell, and more!

When Money Mike was asked why everyone should listen to The Profanity Nation podcast, he responded, “Listening to The Profanity Nation Podcast is like having a conversation with someone next to you in the stands at the stadium.” Towards the end of January 2020, Simsta and Money Mike had the opportunity to attend Kobe and Gigi Bryantʼs Memorial service.

When asked about this service, Simsta says, “It is still hard to think about the loss of a great basketball player like Kobe Bryant and his daughter. However, the service was beautiful and honored his undeniable legacy well.”

Money Mike is a lifelong Laker fan and one of the best girl scout dads around. Stat Pat is a treasure trove of random Laker history Moments and statistics and also a life long Laker Fan. His proudest sports moment is watching Kobe Bryantʼs 81 point game live at the Staples Center. Simsta is a life long Lakers fan and season ticket holder for both the Los Angeles Lakers and South Bay Lakers. Simsta is a true basketball dad coaching both his son and daughter’s basketball teams and sharing his love for basketball with them.

All podcast episodes can be viewed and listened to online at TheProfanityNation.com. Merchandise is also available for purchase there as well. New episodes of The Profanity Nation Podcast are released every Tuesday.


Zhe Scott