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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Professor Devin Robinson Calls L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments “Behavior Blacks Should Always Prepare For”

Professor Devin Robinson

Professor Devin Robinson

Atlanta, GA — L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has come under harsh criticism for racist remarks he made on what he thought was a private conversation between him and his mixed race girlfriend. Sterling, in summary, said that his girlfriend should not be palling around in public with Blacks at his games, in photos or posting them to her Instagram page. Many celebrities and community leaders have flooded the airwaves with responses condemning the Clippers owner.

In the conversation, Sterling singled out Magic Johnson as someone he doesn’t like his girlfriend being around. He said, “…don’t show acceptance of the Blacks publicly. You like can like them, but do it privately.” Magic Johnson has released a statement with TMZ saying that he feels Sterling should be forced out of the NBA. He mentions that the NBA is made up of 70% African-Americans and that he even had a personal relationship with Sterling dating back to 1979. He further added that he would not be attending another Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner.

Professor Devin Robinson, author of Power M.O.V.E.: How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (www.PowerMoveProfessionals.com) and economic advocate for African-Americans believes that entrepreneurship is the only way to level the interracial playing field.

He said, “This is behavior Blacks must come to expect, not accept, but expect and not be surprised at. If we have that attitude, we would be better prepared and not so emotionally reactive. We don’t see these types of behaviors from a group of people whose ancestors didn’t own our ancestors. So why are we surprised. This is the race of people who tore down our community. Though there are plenty of pure hearted Whites, we still should carry ourselves as if they all have been handed the rulebooks from their ancestors. Laws, rules and policies can never force beliefs. They can only force behavior. This means that not because someone’s behavior seems pure, means we should put ourselves in the position of no power where we are prone for racism, discrimination and hurt feelings. We must own. Support each other and build our entrepreneurship safety nets.”

Adam Silver, the new NBA commissioner has stated that the commission will not be taken any immediate action against Sterling and will investigate the incident over the next few days. No information has been revealed as to how the tape was obtained or recorded.

Anne Holder
Power Move Professionals