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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cultural Obstacles That Spike Failure For Black Entrepreneurs Revealed By Economics Professor

Book cover for Blackpreneurship by Devin Robinson


Nationwide — One of the biggest reactions to our nation’s current administration has been a rise in entrepreneurship attempts particularly among African Americans. A 2016 study in Babson College’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, found black business owners are creating businesses at a higher rate than their white counterparts and other minorities. While black entrepreneurs are eagerly attempting start-ups, the Babson study also showed their businesses fail at a much higher rate and ultimately “don’t stick around as long” as their entrepreneurial counterparts.

Economic activist and best-selling author Professor Devin Robinson studies these trends, but realized there were additional variables lending to the failure of African American entrepreneurs that were omitted from present research. He comments, “There are a unique set of rules black entrepreneurs are forced to play by. When these rules are not understood and mastered, black entrepreneurs can find themselves coming up short of business success. Blacks must first master black entrepreneurship before we can expect to conquer entrepreneurship.” He also cited that, “Black entrepreneurs lead the statistics of CEOs of one-man companies”, companies where they are the only employee.”

In Professor Devin’s new book, Blackpreneurship: 50 Obstacles Black Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them, he specifically addresses cultural issues black entrepreneurs face and must overcome before they qualify to compete at the starting gate for entrepreneurship. “Some obstacles are complex and some are not even based on race or oppression. Others have been in existence so long that we have attributed them to culture and social norms. This has caused many generations to inherit practices that impede black entrepreneurial success, while leaving others scratching their heads as to why there aren’t more widely successful black-owned businesses,” he explains.

Some of his unconventional extraction of obstacles include:

* Black comedians often cause damage to black businesses
* Black college graduates frequently do more harm than good for the black community
* Outward protests should never be waged against companies who have wronged African-Americans

Professor Devin’s research on entrepreneurship expands much further than his most recent book. The best-selling author, former business & economics professor, former Pulitzer prize-winning newspaper columnist, and motivational speaker is one of the nation’s experts on entrepreneurship. After achieving his own entrepreneurial success years ago, he began leading other black entrepreneurs on the path to realizing their business goals. Robinson has successfully mentored over 100 brick and mortar business owners in establishing their own start-up businesses and overcoming the obstacles that prevent other black owned businesses from achieving success.

In addition to mentoring potential business owners, Robinson conducts out-of the-box training sessions in an institute he founded in 2007 that is responsible for more millions that most colleges in America. His programs have a keen ability to communicate his ideals and matriculate diverse, difficult and inexperienced minds. His theories and approach to business has allowed him to run many debt-free businesses that have grown organically into small enterprises, which he uses as labs to train other passionate entrepreneurs.

For more information on Blackpreneurship: 50 Obstacles that Black Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them, visit www.TheBlackpreneur.com

For interview opportunities with Professor Devin Robinson, contact Taylor Brown at taylor@ubinstitute.com or by phone at 770-850-9949.