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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Program Celebrates 4 Years of Teaching Black Children How to Speak Different Languages

Shylene Santiago and her family

Cleveland, OH — Shylene Santiago and her children, founders of Learn A Language 4 Fun, LLC, have dedicated over 4 years to creating songs, educational YouTube videos and designing study guides for Black students to introduce them to the basics of over 10 different languages.

“We firmly believe learning different languages will empower our youth mentally and financially,” Shylene states.

After extensive research and speaking to many educators and parents, Santiago finally came to understand that because of low funding in the educational system, language programs are often not offered in under privileged communities. And realizing the need of representation for more Black multilingual teachers, Shylene decided to utilize her passion and language skills to create a business that can be a resource that communities can depend on.

“Instead of complaining about what the system is not doing for our children, I decided to try and create a solution to help change what we have been limited in our community,” proclaims Santiago.

The Santiago family’s methods are not the same as other language programs that many may be accustomed to. She incorporates her family to uniquely combine and turn each foreign language into a rap or an unforgettable melody of over 30 videos to grab the attention of her students to assist with the language learning process. She also presents historical fun facts while dressing up in vibrant colorful clothes to create a learning environment that helps stimulate the whole brain.

“The benefits of introducing my children to this program, has greatly increased their confidence and communication skills that I am certain will take them so far in life,” Shylene says.

“Her method of teaching is fun and easy and my 7 and 8-year old daughters love it,” states Nola Davis, a supporter and local business owner.

Along with the videos, the Santiago children have created colorful study guides introducing the basics of Swahili, Spanish, other African languages with translations that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Visit www.learnalanguageforfun.com to learn more.


Learn A Language 4 Fun has been mentioned in Pride Magazine, Voyage ATL, Black Connections LLC, YARIMA KARAMA Podcast, COD3D: BLACK Network, The Remix Radio, TheSavoyShow, QCityMetro.com and also supported by home schools and Black-owned businesses worldwide.

The Santiago family is available for interviews and appearances. For bookings, media appearances, and/or book-signings, contact createbilingualbabies@gmail.com


Shylene Santiago
(216) 217-8280