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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Proven ‘Do-It-Yourself’ E-book Helping Thousands Clean-up Credit!

Credit Repair Ebook

Nationwide — The Angels of Mercy Foundation specializes in helping the American consumer in every area of their lives. Recent research by the 3 credit reporting bureaus states that there are over 100 million American consumers who have bad credit in the United States! Good credit is a credit score of 700 plus. Right now, the Foundation is dedicated to helping those who have bad credit, solve this problem, without getting ripped off by ‘so-called’ credit repair companies. The Foundation claims that they have discovered a proven credit repair E-book that delivers what it has promised. This E-book can be purchased online and downloaded, immediately at: www.angelsofmercyfoundation.org/New-Credit-Secrets.html

The Foundation discovered and purchased this credit repair E-book at a recent convention for an affordable price. Three company employees with poor credit scores volunteered to test the proven do-it-yourself method elaborated in the credit repair E-book. All three (3) employees followed the do-it-yourself credit repair method outlined in the E-book. All three (3) employees, successfully, deleted all of the negative items on their respective credit reports, quickly, and have raised their scores to the 700s in 30 days or less. It is because of their employees’ recent credit repair success that the Angels of Mercy Foundation wants to distribute this information to as many consumers as possible.

This E-book, contains valuable legal information, sample documents for submission to the credit bureaus, specific credit laws and statutes and much more. The information provided in this E-book is valuable and transferable to others, as well. Want to know more? For more details, visit www.angelsofmercyfoundation.org/New-Credit-Secrets.html

The Foundation’s sponsored E-book, will show you how to repair your own credit. The writer’s method is proven and you are guaranteed to see changes in 14-30 days on all 3 of your credit reports from Equifax, Experian and Transunion! The E-book requires that all interested consumers be able to read, write and follow directions. No computer will be needed to submit your documents. Everything will be submitted through the certified mail method for proof of delivery status. You will be able to download your 41-page credit repair E-book, immediately, after purchase. So, you are able to get started, right away.

In addition, this E-book discusses, in detail, how the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, legally, protects you. Recently, a consumer received a large settlement from all three (3) credit bureaus for not correcting her credit report in a timely manner. You will learn that these credit bureaus can be sued. You will, also, learn how to get your credit repair process started with sample successful demand letters that are, already, prepared for you. All you have to do is follow directions. The Foundation believes that there are a large number of consumers that have been victimized by credit repair companies, in the past, that have accepted their money, but have not delivered what was promised. Credit repair companies are very expensive and they, almost, always, do not deliver what you have paid for and that is: credit repair.

If you can read, write and follow documented instructions, you can ‘clean up’ your own credit in 14 – 30 days or less! This credit repair E-book will teach you how to remove ALL negative items on your credit reports, quickly. The writer claims that if you have the time, determination, focus and the ‘willingness’ to achieve the goal of deleting ALL negative items on your three (3) credit reports which can boost your credit scores to the 700+’s, this is a ‘must-have’ E-book.

Finally, the Foundation believes that you need to be committed to the writer’s method, all the way through, because it works. Your life is about to change in a big way in 30 days or less! Follow this writer’s proven method and you will also be getting some pre-approved credit offers in the mail very soon, with LOW interest rates, because your credit scores will be in the 700s! This will create a ‘new beginning’ in your life! Interested? Go to: www.angelsofmercyfoundation.org/New-Credit-Secrets.html

About Angels of Mercy Foundation
Angels Of Mercy Foundation is a privately-owned corporation, operating in Carson City, NV and Chicago, IL. Since the company has opened its doors in 2007, they have been dedicated to improving the lives of the American Consumer. They, genuinely, believe that this E-book will change your life, because improved credit history does, just, that: ‘Change Your Life’!

Debby Jupiter, Public Relations Manager