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Friday, May 14, 2021

Empowering Black Women to Use Their Voice to Stimulate the Economy

Quinn Conyers, founder and author of Speak Black Woman

Nationwide — Quinn Conyers is releasing her second book Speak Black Woman: How Women in Business can Profit from Public Speaking to add to the economic advancement of Black women, the fastest group of growing entrepreneurs in the United States.

Despite the hustle, Black and other minority women are being shut out when it comes to access to venture capital. The book reveals alternative funding options for women at the upcoming Speak Black Woman Experience on May 22, 2021. Even more, the book is designed to show Black women who are stimulating the economy despite no access to capital how to leverage public speaking as a marketing strategy, lead generation, and revenue stream to expand their business, book, or brand.

Since 2007, the number of firms owned by African-American women has grown by 164%. “Your mouth should be your #1 marketing strategy in business,” says Quinn who firmly believes your voice is your secret weapon if you want to magnify your money-making potential as an entrepreneur. Many Black women are awesome at what they “DO” but have a tough time explaining it or worse have been conditioned to be silenced, muted, or muzzled which blocks their opportunity to earn ridiculous revenue as a business owner.

With Black women only averaging about $27,000 in annual revenue and receiving less than 2% of capital to start or expand a business, now more than ever the need to execute innovative and intentional marketing strategies like public speaking can be a powerful and profitable strategy to separate unseen business owners from unforgettable entrepreneurs.

Using the book Speak Black Woman, Quinn’s mission is to broadcast the brilliance of Black women in business so they can attract and not repel clients every time they open their mouths. Having the courage, confidence, and clarity to turn conversations into cash is a skill that can be read through each chapter making this book the ultimate solution for Black women to read if they want to profit from public speaking in 2021 and beyond.

The book is available for purchase at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and SpeakBlackWoman.com where more information can also be found about the Speak Black Woman Experience.

For interviews or other press inquiries, contact Quinn@QuinnConyers.com or 610-960-6903.