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Thursday, May 28, 2020

This Black Entrepreneur is a Court-Approved Mediator That Helps Settle Disputes Out of Court

Quornesha Lemon, founder of Saqred Dispute Resolutions

Luling, TX — While working online is new to many professions, it is the norm for Quornesha S. Lemon, owner of SaQred Dispute Resolutions. She is an online court-approved mediator that helps her clients settle their disputes out of court… without having to leave home. She handles child custody disputes, real estate disputes, mediation for intellectual property, and more.

Quornesha has been conducting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADP) sessions online since first being admitted to the Texas Association of Mediators.

Helping people has always been her goal. Prior to becoming an accredited ADR mediator, she trained as a cognitive behavioral life coach, counseling and advising clients on setting and achieving goals.

Although Quornesha has practiced online mediation since first being certified, she knows this is a unique delivery medium for many. Her clients, who are often embroiled in emotionally charged disputes, have often commented on how much less distressing it is to be able to conduct the mediation and negotiations in the comfort of their own home.

Recognizing the emotional distress that comes with challenging disputes is something Quornesha is uniquely qualified to handle. Prior to the mediation session, she listens to her clients and advises them, during a free consultation, about the ADR process. From there, if both Quornesha and the client feel that mediation is the right format in which to settle the dispute, she will carefully guide the client explaining the process, the format, client’s expectations, her role, what can and cannot be accomplished and finally what to expect during the actual mediation session.

Legal, family and business disputes can be challenging for clients to deal with. Primary amongst the concerns of Quornesha clients, is fear about the financial costs of legal and court fees. ADR is often far more cost effective than full legal proceedings. The mediator, who is paid a flat fee, works on behalf of both clients, and has no bias toward either side of the dispute. Disputes are heard over the course of 4-8 hours and a decision is rendered quickly.

“Advancing a dispute so that it can be quickly settled is far easier with Alternative Disputer Resolution than it is via the courts. There is no need to wait for legal briefs, legal maneuverings, protracted discussions or a court date. An ADR mediator can begin the process within a short period of time from when they are contacted to the time that matter is heard,” explains Quornesha.

The process of ADR is one that is recognized by the courts, though it is not a legal proceeding. The judiciary understands that both parties – whether it is a family inheritance issue, business partnership dispute or other point of conflict – have agreed to mediate the issue outside of the courts and have agreed to abide by the outcome.

Alleviating and resolving her client’s anxieties and worries over disputes which have weighted heavily on them, somtimes for years, is something that brings Quornesha a great deal or pride and comfort.

“Now is the time to deal with these disputes,” she explains. “The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone all the more anxious about the future. For many, staying home and being less occupied has led them to fixate on unresolved issues and get more and more upset. By entering alternative dispute resolution, clients can free their mind of that burden and move on with their lives.”

For more details about her company and/or for a free consultation, visit www.saqredadr.com


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