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Monday, November 18, 2019

Financial Empowerment Advocate, Rahkim Sabree, Releases New Book That Challenges Being “Financially Irresponsible”

Rahkim Sabree announces his new book on financial empowerment due for release on Amazon on December 2nd but available for pre-order now, where he discusses personal strategies, the mental and spiritual relationship with money, and creates exposure to financial terms and products.

Rahkim Sabree, author of Financially Irresponsible

Rahkim Sabree, author of Financially Irresponsible

Nationwide — Personal finance is en vogue at the moment. This conversation spans political choices, education, even housing. People need to be able to make money in order to take care of themselves and their family. However, most times for the average American, just making money isn’t enough. There are many debates and best practices as to the right formula for getting a person’s financial life stable.

Rahkim Sabree, a personal finance expert, author, public speaker, and non-profit co-founder is taking a bold step with his new book titled Financially Irresponsible. His intentions are to help bring his experiences to those looking to be financially empowered.

The book discusses beliefs, mindsets, strategies, and practices on finance through the eye of the author. Readers are going to be challenged to inspect practices believed to be financial norms with independent education on things like saving, investing, planning for retirement, and homeownership.

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Rahkim is a millennial African American man who’s accomplished his fair share of financial goals, from attaining the coveted 800 credit score to purchasing his first home under 30. Things not discussed or sought after growing up in the small urban city of Mount Vernon, NY.

Many of the techniques or strategies Rahkim discusses in his book could be looked at as ‘irresponsible’ when it comes to common standards around finance. Through his book, Rahkim wants people to understand that what can be termed irresponsible, may indeed just be the road less traveled. He maintains that there is no “cookie cutter approach” and that it’s about finding the perfect strategy based on the individual.

Rahkim’s book is packed full of advice, tips, guides, and powerful insights that many people are going to find useful and empowering. It’s reached a #1 spot in hot new releases and is Best Selling!

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