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Friday, September 27, 2019

College Professor Teaches 3-Hour Class While Caring For Student’s Baby

Ramata Cisse, Black professor caring for her student's baby

Professor Ramata Cisse

Lawrenceville, GA — Ramata Cissé, a professor at Georgia Gwinnett College in Atlanta, is being heavily praised after she went viral for caring for a student’s baby while teaching a 3-hour class. She said she did it simply to help her student who couldn’t find a babysitter at that time.

“It made me very happy, very thrilled to be able to use my back (which was available) in order to give her the ability to study. I didn’t want her to worry about the baby, I wanted her to forget for a few seconds so she could concentrate on the class,” Cissé, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology 1, told Because of Them We Can.

Cissé’s daughter, Anna, shared on Twitter a picture of her mother with the baby tied on her back with a caption saying, “my mom is my role model.” It has since been retweeted 11k times and garnered several comments, including some from her former students who attest to her good-heartedness.

According to Anna, Cissé held the baby on her back throughout the entire 3-hour class and even fed him. She did that to help her student who wasn’t able to find a babysitter that day. Thanks to her African roots, she knew how to strap a baby onto her back perfectly.

“I felt as if she is a very ambitious student and I feel like she just needed the right conditions. She just needed a little push, a little help and I felt like with that little help, she could make it easily,” said Cissé.

Moreover, Cissé is also running a non-profit organization called Gourma Himi. She launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to help sponsor children for school in Mali, West Africa.