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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Black Entrepreneurial Couple to Teach New “Couples in Business” Webinar

Randy and Renee Hughes

Randy and Renee Hughes, founders of the Couples in Business Webinar

NationwideThe Couples In Business™ Webinar, created by business and finance coaches Randy & Renee Hughes, is a game changer for couples who are entrepreneurs. Even if only one spouse in the home is an entrepreneur, both should attend this webinar. And best of all for a very limited time, its free!

“My husband and I paid off $50,000 in debt and are now living our dream. It’s one of my passions to teach creative entrepreneurs how to create income part-time,” comments Renee Hughes, who is co-founder of the program and a Personal Development Business Coach.

Attendees to the webinar will learn:

* How to make your spouse your business partner without driving each other nuts… even if you aren’t in the same business!

* How to engage your business audience effectively without going broke on Copy & Digital Media Support

* How to get out of overwhelm with customized workflow options

* How to use social media to grow your business without spending money on ads

* How to attract clients who will be willing to pay for your product or service and seek you out

* How to manage expenses to increase profit and ROI

Renee comments, “You need The Couples In Business™ Webinar if you are a married entrepreneur, your spouse is an entrepreneur, you are wondering when your business will finally take off, you question if you are offering the right product or service in your business, and/or if you are spending too much money on marketing, media, ads and digital support.”

The webinar is also great for people:

* Who are tired all of the time
* Want a home cooked meal on more than just the weekends
* Whose health is starting to suffer from working your 9-5 and trying to grow your business
* Whose business isn’t profitable
* Who are in debt

Get access to the FREE webinar by signing up online at: