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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Aspiring Rapper Gunned Down While Ironically Filming a Music Video For His Song About Guns

Damon Dawson

Chicago, IL — 23-year old Damond Dawson, an aspiring rapper who sometimes went by the nickname “Thugga”, was shot and killed after while filming a music video with other artists and friends after midnight at Foster Park on Chicago’s South Side. Ironically, the song for the music video is called “Two Techs and a 50 Shot”.

According to local police, an unidentified man walked up to the group and opened fire on them while they were filming. Dawson, the only one killed, was pronounced dead at the scene but four other people were wounded, and at least one of them was shot up to 8 times.

Dawson’s aunt told reporters that she warned them about the danger. “It’s always drama up there. Nothing but drama… I told my nephew, please don’t be going up to that park,” she said.

The next morning, Dawson’s relatives were seen at the scene grieving, and hoping for answers. Officers were also there setting up crime tape, searching for shell casings, and speaking with the witnesses.

Because the whole incident was caught on tape, both the video and camera were turned over to police. Investigators say the shooting may be gang-related, but they have not yet determined a motive.

Foreign Lyfe, one of Dawson’s rapper friends, said the camera was focused on the group when the gunman approached. He told reporters, “I heard my homie say that he had seen somebody pulling up or whatever. We turned around and look back again, quick as we looked back, started shooting. Shots coming from everywhere.”

Watch the video below: