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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rapper Warren G’s Son Olaijah Griffin Signs With NFL’s Buffalo Bills

Warren G and his son

Nationwide — Rapper Warren G is celebrating with his 22-year old son Olaijah Griffin who recently signed with the Buffalo Bills after initially being undrafted in the NFL.

“I’m rooting for my son to come there and make the team and add value to the mafia success,” Warren G took to Twitter. “He is a true baller and built his own stage for himself. I’m just a dad supporting my Son.”

Griffin previously underwent surgery on both shoulders in 2018 and had other injury concerns, which could allegedly be some of the reasons why he went undrafted.

However, the former USC cornerback showed outstanding performance at both outside cornerback and special teams, which the Buffalo Bills are focusing on.

Griffin announced he signed with the Buffalo Bills as he posted on Instagram, “Ready to win a super bowl @buffalobills bills mafia I’m ready to work.”

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