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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New One-Woman Play, “A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge,” Tells the Sad Story About Women Growing Up Black and Ugly in America

Rashida Strober, who was once mocked by Charlemagne Tha God and the Breakfast Club as “Donkey of the Day” for being the Dark Skin Activist™, is fighting back with a new production that addresses darkism.

Rashida Strober, the Dark Skin Activist

Rashida Strober, the Dark Skin Activist™

Nationwide — The world’s first and only dark skin activist, the woman who put dark skin on the social media map, Rashida Strober will be performing her one-woman play, A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge on Saturday, November 17th and the world is invited to watch. A dark skin woman’s revenge will be performed at Playback Sounds located at 675 Metropolitan PKWY Suite C12 in Atlanta, Georgia at 7pm Eastern standard time. People can attend in person or watch online through livestream pay per view.

Rashida will also give one of her classic darkism talks on Friday, November 16th at the Ancient African History Museum located at 675 Metropolitan PKWY suite 3118-B in Atlanta. She will discuss how and why she created dark skin activism, the first platform in history for dark skin created in 1998, and its impact on popular culture including social media. The darkism talk also features her newest book, Token Dark Girl: The It Dark Girl of The Moment. Tickets can be purchased at DarkSkinActivist.com.

Rashida created and developed the dark skin lane in 1998 and later introduced it to social media and TV starting in 2009, making her the first person in history to introduce the platform of dark skin issues to social media and TV. Since then she has worked tirelessly and selflessly to promote dark skin activism through various means. One of the major ways she has reached the masses with the Dark Skin Activist platform is through her brilliant and groundbreaking performances of her award-winning play, A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge. A gifted performer, since 2006 she has performed for the masses at venues like The Washington DC Black Theater Festival, The University of South Florida, The Atlanta Black Theater Festival and the Maysles Documentary Center.

Despite Rashida’s innovation, originality and dedication as the creator of a new paradigm for dark skin she remains the unsung hero of dark skin. Still, her story must be told. The story of the world’s first dark skin activist has been bitter sweet. It is the story of how she created the first platform for dark skin and was relentlessly mocked, called crazy, attacked and received death threats then later had her work copied, stolen, ripped off and plagiarized. Still, no one else has championed for dark skin equality as hard as Rashida. In fact, before Rashida no one realized that darkism was a relevant issue that was worthy of a real platform. The only person that came close was writer Kola Boof who spoke about the hardships of dark skinned women in the 1990’s. However, Rashida has been mostly unappreciated, plagiarized and unacknowledged by the very people that she has been fighting for.

Ironically, back in 2006, when no one cared to speak about dark skin, Rashida created a play called A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge with the idea of providing dark skinned actresses roles but was told by many that the issues put forth in the play was not important. She was told that speaking about dark skin was stupid and would never gain any traction. However, Rashida did not listen. She invented dark skin activism. Honest people all over the world know that Rashida is responsible for bringing the topic of dark skin issues to the world through social media, TV, books, plays, social commentary and live theatre.

Rashida is also a self-producing artist and is in need of funding to produce this show and others. If you would like to help out with production costs go to her Paypal email at icecreamladydream@yahoo.com or to her GoFundMe at www.gofundme.com/darkskinbeautifulcampaign. For media and social media interviews contact darkskinisbeautifulcampaign@gmail.com.

To purchase tickets and/or for more details about Rashida and her work, visit www.DarkSkinActivist.com

(Dark Skin Activist is a registered trademark owned by Rashida Strober)


Rashida Strober
The Dark Skin Activist